AT&T Unite is a touchscreen-equipped mobile hotspot

AT&T Unite

AT&T unveiled AT&T Unite, a 4G LTE mobile hotspot from Sierra Wireless, made to allow users to stay connected to the Internet even while on the go. What makes the Unite different from other similar devices is the built-in 2.4-inch touchscreen from where you can manage connected devices, change network and device settings, as well as block unwanted phones, tablets and laptops from joining the network.

In addition, the Unite also supports connecting of up to 10 devices that will be able to share LTE or HSPA+ network (in areas where there’s no LTE around). The device is available with AT&T Mobile Share plans as long as you commit to pay an additional $20 a month.

AT&T’s 4G networks (LTE and HSPA+) cover more than 285 million people across the United States, meaning you’ll have Internet just about everywhere.

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