Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0, Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Jelly Bean updates rolling out in the U.S.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0, Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Jelly Bean updates rolling out in the U.S.

US-based owners of two of Samsung’s tablets — Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 and Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 — have started getting their servings of Jelly Bean. Aside from the latest version of Android, the update also brings several Samsung-specific goodies, updating pre-installed software and fixing some of the known bugs.

Yup, you should hit the “Update” button the second your tablet informs you that the new software is available for download. If that still hasn’t happened, you can perform a manual check from “Settings” -> “About tablet,” or connect your tablet to a PC and fire-up the Kies software.

Again, Jelly Bean brings a number of improvements to the system including Project Butter enhancements, Google Now, fancier notifications, and more.

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  • wendigo

    My Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 screen looks like my phone now and I lost the screen capture icon.

    • purple

      To do a screen capture, You have to hold the power botton and at the same time the volume down. in simple words, press both at the same time.

      • justin ross


      • mischeif

        That isnt working for me! Wth I want to screen capture and I cant

        • reffer to my comment above ..

          • toto

            NOT WORKING! REFER TO YOUR COMMENTALL YOU WANT but it’s not working! Works for you but NOT FOR EVERYONE!

      • justin ross

        it isn’t working

        • reffer to my comment above

          • Frustrated

            doesn’t work at all for me

          • it just shuts the thing off! Wtf?!

      • This does NOT work for me. What a dumb idea to start with…what could be more counter-intuitive than turning off the power to accomplish something? No combination of power button/volume control pressing accomplishes a screen capture for me. Any other suggestions????

        • guys … try holding both of em a lil while longer … it works ..its not very intutive but its better than a touch screen button

          • taml

            I bought this tablet for screenshot. you could touch 1 button write on it send it. now..hold 2 buttons ( might work), find the shot, send to a different app to write on it. also moved the back button after using it for a year, like moving your space bar on keyboard. now to scroll , be careful because they decided they wanted to put a zoom onboth sides of the screen. They sold me one tablet, which no longer exits. but didn’t change the 10 inch because 7″people just use theirs as readers?????? so samsung says. Samsung says it’s Googles fault. They have no control over what their competition does to their tablet. Evidently they only control the on/off buttons. Sorry, sssooooooooo wrong.

          • tiffany p

            it is NOT better than a touch screen button. i used to be able to take stills from video, or skype, and capture exactly what i wanted in an instant. now i have to fumble with two hands, try to press two button at the same time, half the time i put it in “sleep mode” because i press the power button a fraction of a section sooner than the volume button. it does work, but you have to hold for up to two seconds. when you DO get it right, you don’t even know you’ve gotten it. no “camera click” sound like before, and you have to go searching for it…SO dumb. insult to injury, i get to look at my quick start guide that shows the screen capture icon. grrr…. i do NOT just use this for a reader. i use this for EVERYthing.

          • wow. it worked.. but now, sometimes when u do take pictures it says “Saved to Clipboard”… and there’s not real way to access the clip board ;

  • gee

    I liked the way it looked before. It now looks like the htc phone and Bring back the screen capture.

  • justin ross

    i liked the way it looked before i was awesomer sooo

  • T-Downey

    Sounded More like a review of yourself than the actual tablet. Learn how to do a review before doing one. FYI, How are you more specific on yourself than the actual content your reviewing. This review is vague and a how to update. 1/5

  • Tha Dude

    This is no version of jelly bean that I have ever seen. My mother has the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.0 note and it has jelly bean and looks nice. This update looks and feels more like Gingerbread?!?!?!?!?! (the integrated google button is gone, and replaced with a google widget… how tacky?) It looks and plays terrible. It would take me all day to explain why this update is a step in the wrong direction… It sucks that I had to learn the hard way to not install every android update…

  • There was nothing good or useful and took away everything I use. Did they actually do any beta testing or was it just a bunch of good idea fairies… like how do I delete the extra app screens? They took that option away as far as I can find. And they added an extra step to put it in airplane kode. How annoying! And just opening the menu is a pain. Why can’t I just tap the bar like before??? And when I did the update I was hoping to get swipe, and that didn’t happen. This was a hoorrible update… does amyone have sugestions as to a decent tablet cause I can’t stand using this thing? I mean even the predictive text on my flip phone is easier ro use than this.

    • taml

      totally agree. Destroyed my tablet and all the reasons I bought it.

  • They should have kept the touch button on the screenshot feature. I mean really why take 2 steps backwards?

  • Patty

    Too bad they didn’t listen to the consumer feedback about the device before they took away the screen capture button! We wanted it to be spaced out a little better so we weren’t inadvertently pressing it all the time! We didn’t want to get rid of it completely! And how about some update instructions! That would have been nice instead of just letting us figure out how it works on our own! Smh…

  • coco57

    Do not install this update if you like the way your tab operates now

    • rick

      And how would someone know what the update would look like? I didn’t get a message saying they’d screwed up the Home settings so I could make a choice. There may be change in Jelly Bean that are great, but that’s no reason to screw up good things.

    • MLS

      You are right. This update is AWFUL!! DO NOT UPDATE! An dif anyone knows how to stop these auto updates please let us know.

  • c trainer


  • Lianna

    This display is stupid. I have several problems. 1) the majority of time I’m in landscape mode, and I’m also a lefty. Now with this new update where everything is in the middle where I have stretch my fingers to get to the back button. 2) You have everything ALL AROUND THE TABLET! I have navigation on the bottom, apps that stay whatever the screen you are in on the left, task bar and date/time/battery on the top, and trash on the right side. Too much damn smudges! Everything used to be on the bottom and most convenient. 3) Every time I’m in an app and go to close it the stupid top flickers. 4) Whose idea was it to hide the google search? It used to be on every screen. 5) Nothing is in the middle and all the screens are lump-sided to the left because they have at an inch of space used by things I don’t need. Finally 6) WHERE THE HECK IS MY SCREEN CAPTURE? I admit, at first I was perplexed by its purpose, but I actually came to rely on the it, especially during finals week and taking pictures of the answers to my online tests.

    If you are going to change something fine, but did you have to mess with the display? You should make where I can put all the items I mentioned above where it suits my convenience, not yours. As for this being the same as the phone, you have to understand that the phone is only 3 x 2 inches. Its smaller to use. I hate it and along with my OCD, I can’t stand to look at it.

  • Since the update, I’ve got this messge on there that shows all this info about my tablet and it won’t go away. There’s no “x” button or anything and I can’t read anything behind it. It’s really annoying. I’ve tried restarting it and I’ve tried adjusting things in my settings and it’s still there. How do I get it off?

  • anand

    Not happy with the update, Everything used to be on the bottom and I liked it, any idea how a revert to 4.0

  • taml

    iv’e had several discussion wiith Samsung. My tablet does nothing now I bought it for. Make me search for my back button, no longer automatic after a year of use. Samsung says they have no control over what google puts on their tablet. When I Asked why would I ever buy a Samsung Again If they can destroy it whenever. They said because they are the best and the biggest seller of electronics. Yet they seem to me to be saying an android is an android. So sorry I talked my brother into getting one for xmas. Hope it’s not too late to return it. They said the 10 inch wasn’t changed because they use theirs like computers and 7″ users just use as areader. I loved my tablet, now I hate my tablet.

  • Gniz nize

    Lots of hate in the comments about the new update, one issue in particular is about the removal of the screen capture button. I kinda like the instant screen capture capability, though sometimes it’s annoying as it’s pretty close to the ‘last program used’ button, but i really find it convenient cause I can basically screen capture a video or simply anything easily with a click of a button, not with having to press n hold power button + volume down button.

    Not that I have a problem with the latter.. i just feel like they shouldn’t have removed it, just make it slightly further away from the ‘last program used’ button so no one would accidentally pressed it. Plus I don’t see much difference in the visual side.

    Not gonna update it.

  • Shirley_Andy

    wat a bad software!!! pls change it!

  • ashfire

    It seemd like the wrong software was pushed through the update. The software everyone is complaining about was built for a 3.5 inch phone, not a 10.1 inch tablet. Why hasn’t samsung fixed this yet?

  • hating it!

    I HATE HATE HATE this new update! Screen shots are a pain in the @$$ now!!!!! The clock isn’t in my bottom corner anymore, so if I’m browsing, I don’t know what time it is…browser SUCKS now! Notifications for games and downloads and such, somethings I don’t even know what they are, are in the top corner, but I can’t click them there to access them lr see what they are, instead a stupid shortcut for google…ugh…symbols areon my letters now but you can’t use them easier…? I want to change it back! I Hate it! All my shortcuts for games and apps I had to go find! STUPID Update! Oh and now if I don’t hit the space button just right, I go to my home screen! UGGGHHHH!!! I liked it how it was! There is NOTHING I like about this update!

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