Samsung won’t bring Windows RT tablets to the U.S.

Samsung won't bring Windows RT tablets to the U.S.

Samsung doesn’t have plans to bring Windows RT tablets to the US, the company said to CNET. The decision is based in part upon feedback from retail partners which suggested the market is still nascent and it would be hard to sell Sammy’s ATIV Tab products. But that’s not all with Samsung also pointing to the lack of education about Windows RT as a reason why it will defer the launch. That, however, doesn’t mean some other countries won’t get the sexy-lookin’ Windows RT device, though at the moment we don’t have information which markets are those. If I had to bet that would be South Korea which is Samsung’s own backyard and a market advanced enough to try out new things as soon as they’re out. We’ll let you know if we hear something new on the fate of the ATIV Tab…

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