Sony Xperia Z gets torture-tested in this candlelight video

Sony Xperia Z getting Android 4.2 update shortly after launch

The Xperia Z is a stylish, slim smartphone that showcases Sony’s design ethos. As shown in a review posted on YouTube, it’s also as tough as nails.

In a torture test that goes beyond the normal drop test, the reviewer bangs the phone against the side of a tub, gives it a bath and scrubs it down with some sand. How well did the phone survive? You’ll have to watch the video to find out!

[Via PhoneArena]

  • Jai Motishaw


  • anudeep

    banging the back of the phone in the middle is different from dropping it on the corner like we usually do and this creates more impact and more prone to damage i ll be convinced when this phone has been tested with a drop test.the water resistance and dust proof is fine but sturdiness og the glass back i m still not convinced, this phone needs to undergo a real torture test,

    • tonkotsu

      just don’t buy the phone

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