16-year-old student launches mobile ad network with better CPMs and higher CPC rates (than competing services)

16-year-old student launches mobile ad network with better CPMs and higher CPC rates (than competing services)

We don’t get to write about new mobile ad network launches every day. What makes AdBogie interesting (when compared to similar services) is the fact that it’s launched by a 16-year-old high school student Prasanth Venigalla. An iOS developer himself, he didn’t like how existing mobile ad networks are working so he decided to create his own service and help other developers earn more cash from their apps.

AdBogie is touted to provide developers with better CPMs and higher CPC rates, especially for users in the US, Asia and Europe. Unlike competing services, this one offers REAL real-time reporting for both developers and advertisers, with the option to get the campaigns running immediately. Moreover, AdBogie is apparently the first service in the mobile ad industry to offer a pay on demand feature for developers.

The problem, however, is developing a sales force which would sell all those ads to advertisers. That’s something only the big boys can afford, though we do like to help smaller companies compete. To that end, we invite developers to check out AdBogie and let us know how they like it…

  • Anonymous

    Way to go. Good luck in pulling this off. 🙂

  • I LOVE this! I’m telling you, the big ad networks today (those we all immediately associate with mobile advertising) have become total crap! The developer community has finally awakened to the realization that the biggest names aren’t the most effective names. Last year, out of the blue, you had Airpush come out of nowhere to deliver industry-leading results. Why? Because it’s effective (sdk 5.0 basically gave me a monetary erection for weeks). So, no, don’t underestimate this kid or growing young ad networks like Airpush. These are going to be the dominating forces in mobile advertising tomorrow.

    • kristof verbeeck

      they went bankrupt after a year
      its not as easy to launch an ad service
      finding developers might be easy, but to find people who trust you enough to pay in advance money for ads, thats harder
      they did good, had a good idea, but were missing the low-how on starting a business like this
      and also, the coding skills to keep the library up-to-date

  • Best of Luck

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