Sony to ship a phablet device with 6.44 inch display? Surprised?

As if we needed to paint the picture any clearer for the world: The new fad in mobile tech is phablet devices and said fad won’t be going anywhere anytime soon, it seems. After seeing the handful of large smartphones at CES, it looks like Sony might have another device on tap with a 6.44 inch display.

Sony announced the Xperia Z and ZL during CES this year, but it may cooking up an even larger phablet device if the photo you see below is to be implemented into an actual product. Sony could indeed have a device of this size ready for announcement, and may have just wanted more of a presence at Mobile World Congress late next month. Adding almost 1.5 inches to the Xperia Z line would definitely set itself apart right now, but the device is likely prepped to do battle with the rumored 6.3 inch Galaxy Note III and devices like the Huawei Ascend Mate.

At the moment, this picture is all we have, so it could indeed be just that. A picture. The chances that this panel will end up in an upcoming Sony device is likely, but we’ll believe it when the company announces the device. Still, we’re hardly surprised to see something like this.

The move toward larger devices like the Note and Xperia Z is an interesting one. Once you get used to a larger display, it’s hard to go back to something smaller, but phablets won’t be for everyone. These type of devices may be the first thing a potential customer runs to when they go into a store, but likely to due to the novelty/awe factor and not because a massive display is a necessity to them.

If we do end up seeing this device get an official announcement at Mobile World Congress this year, we wonder if it could be bound to Japan like the recently announced Xperia Tablet Z. Would you be interested in a device of this size? Sound off in the comments below!

[Via: Android Central]

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