Rumor: Motorola X “Superphone” to be Released in July

Motorola X smartphone and tablet coming next year?

When we first heard about Motorola’s upcoming Motorola X superphone in December, we didn’t get many details except for that it was in the works. Thanks to an unnamed source from Droid Life’s forums, some new information has come to light, alluding to what Google and Motorola are cooking up for 2013.

The Motorola X device will be announced at Google’s annual I/O conference on May 15-17, and is expected to have a release date of July 8. The unit is expected to be sold for $299 with a standard two-year contract on Verizon, and unlocked versions will be sold on the Google Play Store. The ability to unlock the bootloader will be available on all units, including ones purchased from Verizon, but Verizon will be charging $15 a month for this feature. It is expected to be simultaneously released on all major carriers in the US, a first for Motorola and Google.

Even though the handset will be sold via the Google Play Store, it will not be a Nexus device. In other words, it will have some bloatware but with the unlocking feature, that bloatware could be removed. It’s an interesting development, showing that even though Google now owns Motorola, they are maintaining their identities as separate companies, while working together.

As far as specs go, we still have no idea what’s under the hood of this so-called “superphone.” But with Google and Motorola working on it, we’re expecting nothing less than awesome. So keep checking back for the latest!

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    Porqueria de Motorola, es malisima la calidad del producto!!! mi XT610 lo tuve que llevar a la garantia por un monton de fallas.

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