Vine, “Video Instagram” App Released For iOS

Twitter came out with a few interesting announcements today. Not only did it announce it’s acquisition of Vine, a service that is being touted as “the Instagram of Video,” but also announced its very own Vine app for iOS. While there currently isn’t an Android version of the app available just yet, videos made via Vine will surly start popping up in your Twitter feed very soon. Vine is a video sharing app that allows users to record, edit, and upload short videos to Twitter with ease.

Vine has many features of other photo sharing services such as Instagram, and supports the use of hashtags, comments and likes. The app allows users to take up to 6 seconds of video to create an animated-GIF like video. The clips don’t have to be 6 seconds long, though; users can make 3 2-second clips, or whatever combo that makes 6 seconds. The app will then take the clips and mash them up into a 6 second video that can then be shared via Twitter, and even Facebook. The Facebook integration is a bit spotty, though; Vine will only show the picture and title on your Facebook page and prospective viewers will have to click through to watch it.

Shooting video with Vine is a breeze. Taking the legwork out of video editing, Vine takes H.264 videos and pairs them down into GIF-size snippets. Start from normal camera view and hold down your finger to capture video. You can also shoot a montage without having to edit, and a bar above the viewfinder shows how much time you have left for your shot. There’s no auto-rotate for Vine, so videos must be shot in portrait mode.

So iOS users, tell us what you think of Vine! And Android users, don’t fret, we’ll have our app soon. Check out some Videos from Vine below!






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