Idea: Next Nexus phone should be a Padfone-like device

Next Nexus phone should be a Padfone-like device

Few days ago I ranted about the price of Asus’ Padfone 2. I don’t like the fact that you can buy both Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 for the same money. Today I want to talk about something else though related, nonetheless.

You see, I would like to see the next Nexus device shipping with the tablet shell, or at least make the option available for few extra bucks. Google has the brand power to make such product a true success, as they could make it affordable for more people (than Asus is obviously able to). Sure enough, such a move would make Google’s partners unhappy, but someone has to show them how things are done, right?

However, as I’m writing this the chances are slim that the next Nexus phone will have a tablet shell. Quite the contrary, the Motorola X — which could “serve” as the next Nexus device — will have simple design that makes it look like previous Google phones.

Still, I hope someone from Mountain View-based company is reading this and will try to make a tablet shell for Nexus phones. I know I would be among the first ones to buy it. What about you? Would you get it, too?

  • Anonymous

    Agreed with all the point. I want the Nexus-branded Padfone too. 🙂

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