Rumor: iPad 5 to debut in October with new design, iPhone+ in the works

iLounge is out with a report that both supports and modifies previous rumors about the upcoming iPad and iPhone models for 2013. Everyone knows there will be a new iPad and iPhone at some point this year, but when they will come out and what they’ll feature are two important mysteries at this point. The report tries to fill in the gaps with some information iLounge supposedly received from “various sources” on the iPad 5’s launch as well as the iPhone 5S and rumored “iPhone Math.”

The iPad 5 will look decidedly like the iPad mini, which launched alongside the fourth-generation iPad however it sported updated design elements. The fifth-gen iPad will receive those updates as well, including the almost nonexistent left and right bezels in order to make the device smaller. A thinner design will also contribute to that goal. The iPad 5, though originally set for a release in March will be pushed to October, according to the report.

As for the iPhone, the iPhone 5S is still in the pipeline but it will only be an incremental change over the iPhone 5 — hence the “S.” Jeremy Horwitz, author of the report, didn’t put the cheap iPhone for emerging markets or the odd iPhone “Math” rumors to rest either. (I’m still not buying the cheap iPhone thing.)

On the iPhone Math, he writes, “Addressing the so-called ‘iPhone Math’—hinted by one source as a mistranslation of ‘iPhone +’—we’ve been told that this is another new model and in early prototyping stages, certainly not expected in 2013. It supposedly has a 4.7” screen, at least for the time being. It might never make it to market, and plenty could change before it does.”

I personally am guessing that the iPad rumors are probably close to target, but the iPhone+ and cheap iPhone concepts may need some brushing up.

[via MacRumors]

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