Google extends Exchange ActiveSync cutoff date for Windows Phone

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The beads of sweat might be coming a little less swiftly for Microsoft surrounding Google’s cutoff for Exchange ActiveSync support for Windows Phone. Microsoft’s extension request to Google has proven fruitful, and the new cutoff date is now July 31st. This is after Microsoft had announced that it would begin working on support for CardDAV and CalDAV. For those of you out there on the fence for getting a Windows Phone 8 device, the jump has become a bit more comfortable.

This will give Microsoft the extra time it needs to get its act in order and begin to get CardDAV and CalDAV fully supported in Windows Phone as soon as possible. The clock is ticking. Remember, existing connections wouldn’t be affected, but after the deadline new Windows Phone users will have less than enjoyable experience if Microsoft fails to make the adjustments necessary.

Source: Windows Phone Blog

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