NVIDIA details how Project Shield came to life

Not only was NVIDIA’s Project Shield gaming device probably my favorite announcement to come out of CES this year, it’s a device that I’ve considered buying a dedicated gaming tower for, just to use it. I can’t say that for many things, but if you’re a gamer, the NVIDIA Project Shield has likely been on your mind since the announcement. If you just can’t wait until the device is available, NVIDIA’s latest blog post might help you ease the pain, as it shows just how Project Shield came to life.

The idea to bridge the gap between mobile and PC gaming has been in NVIDIA’s mind for almost ten years. The execution was obviously the big hurdle, but that certainly didn’t seem to dampen spirits at NVIDIA.

“We couldn’t prove that it couldn’t be done,” says NVIDIA Senior Vice President of Content and Strategy Tony Tamasi, who has quietly led NVIDIA’s interactions with game developers for more than a decade. “So we decided it could be.”

Some time later, Project Shield was born, and it looks damn good if you ask us!

Are you looking to grab a Shield when it becomes available? Sound off in the comments below!

Check out NVIDIA’s blog post here!


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