HTC M7 Coming Stateside, Launch Partners to be Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T?

A recent leak has revealed a release date for the M7 in the UK and Europe, but details of a stateside release have been elusive. We have heard rumors that the M7 would be launched simultaneously on all major U.S. carriers. According to a trusted source from HTC Source, we now have new details about its release in the U.S.

HTC Source claims that the first partners to launch the M7 in the U.S. market are none other than Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T. We have seen details pointing to a Verizon variant of the handset, which has been delayed. There were no details as to why the Verizon HTC M7 will be coming to us later than the others, but it could be to put a little bit of distance between Verizon’s Droid DNA and the M7.

Although we are still short on details pertaining to a solid release date of the HTC M7 in the U.S, we can only assume that it will arrive on U.S. shelves shortly after the rumored March 8th release date of the M7 in the UK and Europe. HTC should be clearing this up for us soon, though, at its press events in New York and London on February 19th.

[Via: HTCSource]


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