Dropbox puts out Sync API to application developers

Dropbox is releasing new APIs for iOS and Android that is supposed to allow developers to synchronize their apps with the cloud service. Simply put, this release makes including Dropbox in apps much easier.

This is a pretty bold move from Dropbox as it tries to become more than just a typical cloud storage company, but a company that provides content services instead of basic file sync, backup, and storage. Allowing developers to tweak their apps with its API, not only gives the cloud storage company a leg up on its competitors, but gives its 100 million customers better usage of their storage.

[via AllThingsD]


  • Dropbox may be easing developer workloads with its new APIs but it’s creating new workloads for IT trying to staunch the data loss from Dropbox. With the new Dropbox APIs IT now has more holes to block.

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