Vine Update Released, Slapped with 17+ Rating

Vine, everyone’s favorite NSFW video-sharing app for iOS has received an update today, bringing with it a new 17+ rating. Also included in the update is an option to block a particular profile, and also share your Vine videos to Facebook and Twitter. The update fixes various issues, including one that caused a black screen to appear and uploads to fail after creating a video on certain devices.

Vine, which was launched last month, was quickly embraced by users who used the app to create Vine various videos, some of them starring..their junk. Semi-pornographic Vine videos began creeping across the internet, which caught the attention of Apple’s ever vigilant App Store censors and users around the globe, which resulted in the application getting pulled from the App Store’s featured section. It is no doubt that this debacle skyrocketed Vine to become one of the top iOS apps available.

One of the features of the update includes a button that enables users to block users they deem offensive, and report offenders to be potentially blocked from the service altogether. To use this feature, users have to go to the offender’s profile, tap the “…” button on the top right and a pop-up will give you the option to block (or share) the profile. To report a specific video, tap the “…” button on that video and tap “Report this post.”

The update also includes some updates pertaining to Facebook integration, which is still limited. The Vine app doesn’t embed Vine links to Facebook profiles, it just post the link to Facebook profiles and requires a click on the link to view the Vine video. The app also cannot find other Vine users based on Facebook friends, but can however find friends based on Twitter followers.

It looks like Apple’s App Store is pacified for now, allowing Vine to stay available for download. Are you having fun with Vine? Post us some links to your videos below. And please, guys….keep it PG!

[Via: PCMag]


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