Verizon snags its fourth consecutive JD Power’s customer care award

Verizon has done it again. The top wireless provider in the United States took home JD Power and Associates award for being the best carrier in terms of providing customer care and service. This is Big Red’s fourth consecutive year it is taken home the honor, as a report representing thousands of customers and questions in a series of online surveys determined the results. Verizon scored an impressive 766 out of a 1000 (the top ranked number), while AT&T came in a close second.

Interestingly, the Death Star was only seven points behind Big Red, which is huge progress from a company who is infamous for its allegedly poor customer service. T-Mobile who used to own the top spot (back in the day), came in last out of the big four major carriers scoring a 715.

I have to admit that I’m surprised by these numbers. I’ve had every carrier except for Verizon, and I have a different experience with each cellular provider. When I had Sprint in the early 2000’s customer care and service was god awful, but it drastically improved when I came back to the carrier in 2011. I left T-Mobile to go to Sprint (2011) after being with the company for six years, and the customer care and service was great. Hell, they even allowed me to be a month behind on my bill on many occasions (during hard times).

Now I’m with AT&T and so far things are good. I guess it all depends on someone’s personal opinion. I don’t really put too much stock in these reports because it’s impossible to tell how good a carrier’s customer service is when only a couple thousand are surveyed out of 100 million customers in Verizon’s case.

Do you have a customer care and service war story?

[via cnet]


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