Microsoft airs Surface Pro ad during Grammys that brings breakdancing to the office

Last night while watching the Grammys, one of the ads to actually catch my attention (aside from the Herbal Essences commercial in which the woman seemed to be a little too sexually aroused by her shampoo) was from none other than Microsoft. It was the new Surface Pro commercial the company put out to advertise its new tablet/laptop hybrid geared toward high-end professional or enterprise users.

The new ad follows the same theme as the last one. The satisfying click sound from attaching the tablet to the Touch Cover leads to more click sounds until eventually the full beat kicks in and everybody is doing wild dance moves and jumping around while embracing their costly Surface. There’s some interesting beatboxing thrown in when one worker plugs a microphone into his Surface as well.

Minutes after the 60-second advertisement aired, I noticed the phrase “That Microsoft” began trending on Twitter. I clicked it to find that people were talking about the commercial. Some were tweeting about how long it was, but most were saying things like “That Microsoft commercial was awesome.” You know you have an eye-catching ad when social media lights up about it.

All of that wild dancing and musical ingenuity doesn’t come cheap though. If the ad turned you on for a Surface Pro, be prepared to shell out either $899 for the 64GB model or $999 for the 128GB model. Apparently the latter sold out quickly after launch, but it’s unclear whether that’s due to high demand or low supplies.

Check out the Surface Pro ad below.

[via BGR]

  • I don’t get it. These commercials show you nothing about the Tablet or what it can do. So you can dance with it as companion? Anybody buying one of these things has been sold lots more than a Tablet.

  • shazamerica

    Saw commercial, shook my head in pity. Microsoft is so desperate to sell a heavy, awkward, poor battery life, Frankentein-like tablet/laptop that they spend millions of ad dollars to show people having to clip a keyboard onto a tablet to make it useful, or worse, use a 1990’s era stylus. Massive fail.

    Apple shows a commercial of the iPad and iPad mini playing the same piano song, etc, and it tells potential buyers so much more.

    Rest in peace, Surface Pooh, er, I mean Pro. Go join the Kin, Zune, Play for Sure, Vista, etc

    • Not blind

      Hmmm…maybe you’re vision is a little off.
      Here’s what I saw in the commercial, it’s the size of a tablet,has a stand to make it more useful than a tablet, is far more powerful than a tablet as it has the power of a laptop to work with standard apps/programs (like excel), comes with a storable stylus to actually “write” on the screen (sorry you’re wrong they’re still used today like on other tablets), it has a USB port, it has a touch screen unlike conventional PC’s, you can still use peripherals like a micrphone, it can be used wth a detachable keyboard or a touchscreen keyboard, and it looks pretty cool.

  • Gregory C Newman

    why didn’t Microsoft run a banner at the bottom of the screen telling People the specs of the Surface Pro to give them information about their Pro Tablet. It seems Microsoft is still working with rookie advertisers who do not tell People about the product they are advertising by the way The Surface Pro is best used as a Portable PC that can be used as a Tablet computer if you wish to do so

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