Bump Update Enables File Transfer From Phone to Computer

Bump has been around for a while, and tackled sharing between phones before the days of NFC enabled devices. Previous versions of Bump have enabled users to transfer files between phones by physically bumping them together. Today, thanks to a new feature, Bump is stepping up their game by allowing users to use their Android and iOS apps to send files quickly to a computer, and vice versa.

The new features allow users to transfer files of any type between devices, as long as they are under 20MB, which is enough for sharing photos, hyperlinks, songs and text files. The web interface is smooth and intuitive, and allows users to download their content onto their computers in a convenient .zip file.

To transfer files to a computer, users fire up the Android or iOS app, point their computer’s web browser to Bump’s website and physically tap the space bar with their phones. The web interface then confirms your device, and zaps your file to Bump’s servers, making it instantly available for download. This feature is worth its weight in gold, since Bump literally work across all platforms with ease. And you don’t need to have your phone connected to Wi-Fi for this to work, either; Bump can also use your phone’s data connection to send files to its servers.

As of this writing, the Bump website has gone live and the updated app is available on the Google Play Store and in the iTunes store as well. So kiss those pesky syncing apps and USB cords goodbye, Bump is here to save us!

[Via: Gizmodo]

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