Kickstarter launches iOS app, now users can fund projects on the go

Kickstarter is an influential site that has been a real trailblazer for crowd-funding independent projects. The company made its mobile debut with a launch of a new iOS app, which is available for the public now. Kickstarter for iOS will let users follow their funded projects and search for new projects from the comfort of their iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

Discussing the company’s entry into mobile, CEO Yancey Stickler, said that “The app is a whole new way to experience Kickstarter. We took things we’ve learned from the past three years of building the site, and applied them to a total redesign for the iPhone.”

The new mobile app will allow users to do much of the same things they’ve grown accustomed to like fund and browse projects based on popularity and category. Users can also follow the kickstarter projects they’ve already funded.

The coolest parts about the application is really built for the project creators. Those who have created kickstarter campaigns can keep track of their pages and notifications when pledges come in. Kickstarter for iOS will also allow creators to upload videos to their projects while their on the move.

Although I’m happy to see Kickstarter jump into mobile, it kinda gives me a bittersweet feeling. Once again, a major company decides to shaft Android users in favor of iOS users. This favoritism is head scratching. Android is on far more phones, but it continues to get the little brother treatment from companies entering mobile for the first time. It’s odd.

[Kickstarter; via TechCrunch]

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