Google to open retail stores to sell Nexus and Chrome devices by end of the year?

Now this is one juicy rumor if you ask us. According to 9to5Google, the search giant will begin to open retail stores by the end of the year. The Google Store will apparently sell Nexus-branded devices as well as Chromebooks and upcoming products to get them into the hands of the public in an easier way.

Sure, you can go to a T-Mobile Store and pick up a Nexus 4, or a Best Buy to pick up a Chromebook, but the search giant is looking to make a one-stop Google shop, which has us pretty excited. When officially ready for a commercial launch, we could see the likes of Google Glass, and maybe even the rumored Motorola X Phone debut at the new retail stores. Also, don’t be surprised if Google Wallet would be the preferred method of payment.

It looks like Google is also looking to hire a team to create a Point of Sale system, but it’s said that most of this development is being done outside of the company.

Both Apple and Microsoft have had retail stores for a while now, so we can’t be terribly surprised to see Google make this sort of move. The idea of a Google Store makes a lot of sense so that company can allow potential customers check out its products and have experts on hand to answer any question they may have.

What do you think about the idea of a Google Store? Sound off in the comments below!

[9to5Google via BGR]

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