Ubuntu tablet announcement coming tomorrow?

Tomorrow is shaping up to be a big day for mobile tech news. Not only is HTC planning on making a big announcement, Canonical may also have some Linux goodness up its sleeve.

As noticed by The Verge, Canonical has hijacked Ubuntu’s main webpage and replaced the standard product information with a countdown ticker. The timer is slated to end tomorrow morning at 11AM, when the company (or one of its partners) will presumably announce a new product. The text on the countdown says “Tick, tock, tablet time!,” which strongly suggests Canonical is bringing its Ubuntu flavor of Linux to the tablet form factor.

[Via Ubuntu and The Verge]

  • “The timer is slated to end tomorrow morning at 11AM”

    I greatly appreciate your article on Ubuntu’s upcoming announcement (I’m just a fan, with no relationship to Canonical at all). I might gently suggest that, given 40 time zones in the world from which people can reach your site, you be a little more explicit in specifying times in future articles. I believe in this case “11 AM EST” would be clearer.

    Thanks again for the heads up. Looking forward to the announcement!

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