Bada OS finally becoming a part of Tizen

Bada OS finally becoming a part of Tizen

We’ve heard it all before, except that this time it’s actually happening. Samsung will integrate its Bada OS into Tizen, the platform that emerged from Nokia and Intel’s MeeGo efforts.

Korean Yonhap reports comments from Samsung’s president of Media Solutions Center, Hong Won-pyo, who said that (elements of) Bada OS will be integrated in the Tizen OS. Instead of calling this a “straightforward merger,” Hong said we should view it as a “transition to a better service.”

Apparently Bada wasn’t good enough for modern smartphones and in that sense existing users of Bada-powered devices won’t be able to upgrade to the new system once it’s released. Not that these users necessarily expected anything in the first place…

[Via: TheVerge]

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