Microsoft vows Windows Phone 8 devices will eventually get Windows Phone 9 treatment

Microsoft looking to unify Windows Phone and Windows 8 RT stores

Greg Sullivan, a senior marketing manager at Microsoft, told PCMag yesterday that Windows Phone 8 devices will eventually be upgradeable to the next major version of the Windows Phone OS, presumably Windows Phone 9. This is an important statement to make because of the many disappointed Windows Phone 7 customers who after buying a phone, found out from the company that it would never get an upgrade to Windows Phone 8.

“We’re going to have an upgrade path going forward,” Sullivan confirmed when speaking about the future of Microsoft’s smartphone operating system. He also talked about the company’s absence from Mobile World Congress 2013 as a strategic move to “shut up and ship.” He declared, “We’re not going to do this thing where we announce the next version months and months before it’s available.”

Microsoft says the reason Windows Phone 7 devices didn’t get the upgrade is because of hardware restrictions. The WP7 handsets are getting an update to version 7.8 but it obviously doesn’t deliver the same benefits as Windows Phone 8, which is already shipping with new hardware.

Overall it’s great news for Windows Phone skeptics. I know if I was in the market for a phone and I found out that Windows Phone 7 device owners didn’t get upgrade to WP8, I sure as hell would stay away from Windows Phone 8. Now that Sullivan confirmed WP8 devices have a future, it should bring some peace of mind to potential buyers.

[via Unwired View]

  • cooldoods

    Windows Phone 8 owners should print out this article immediately.

  • pistofwpuser

    alot of things were promised to 7.5 users and they never came thru. my phone is still on 7720 so this is the first and last wp i get.

    • Ron Anderson

      Nokia really came thru with updates to my Lumia 920. Both in top quality add-on apps from Nokia and windows operating system updates. It was a fantastic phone when I got it, and has continued to improve. I look forward to my next wp.

  • CyberAngel

    AND…the Major next upgrade is the February Windows Phone 8.1
    You will also get the Windows Phone 8.5
    FINALLY you will get the windows Phone 8.9 UI upgrade…
    Naturally Microsoft will change the CPU in Windows Phone 9,
    so your phone will have a dead end in only three years (2016)
    who would anyway have an old SmartPhone…that’s not smart!
    Besides you’ll look so yesterday…better buy a new phone every Xmas
    then you can always complain having the last years model in after just one week
    and thus plan on getting a new one soon…

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