AT&T blasts T-Mobile in its latest advertising campaign

Earlier this year, T-Mobile CEO John Legere blasted AT&T and its network during a keynote speech at CES. In a memorable moment, the outspoken CEO called AT&T’s network “crap.” AT&T didn’t immediately respond to this criticism from its rival, but it obviously did not forget the slamming it took from T-Mobile.

As noticed by Bloomberg, AT&T recently took out full-page advertisements in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and USA Today. The ad claims to tell the truth about T-Mobile’s network and notes that T-Mobile has 2x more dropped calls, 2x more failed calls and is 50% slower than AT&T.

“T-Mobile’s advertising is a combination of misguided and just plain wrong,” said Mark Siegel, a spokesman for Dallas- based AT&T. The company’s ads today are “just a friendly reminder of the fact that independent third-party testing says AT&T’s network delivers faster speeds and fewer dropped calls than them.”

[Via Bloomberg]

  • Nick V

    I switched to T-Mobile from Verizon with my Nexus 4, and have had Zero complaints with their service. I am not saying it is as fast as Verizon’s, but I only had 3G with them, so I cannot compare.

  • cliffy44

    I switched from Verizon to AT&T, because Verizon nickeled and dimed me to death.

    Now, AT&T is doing the same thing.

    Are all cellular carriers following the obama way of doing failed business?

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