Samsung kicks off its ad campaign for the Galaxy S IV

One part of Samsung’s success that is often overlooked is its slick commercials. Samsung’s successful marketing team is back at it again with a new ad to tease its upcoming Galaxy S IV announcement. The commercial doesn’t reveal anything about the device, but it does kick up the hype surrounding the company’s upcoming flagship phone. The Galaxy S IV will be unveiled at event to be held on March 14th.

[Via Samsung Mobile YouTube]

  • cliffy44

    In 10/12, I got 2 SGS3’s. I got intrigued by the Note 2; so, in 2/13, I got 2 Note 2’s.

    And now they try to tempt me with a SGS4?

    I more than love my Note 2’s; and, the speed difference, although impressive on paper, is not humanly perceivable; and the wireless charging isn’t enough to use up an AT&T favor.

    I’m sticking with my Note 2’s (with Jelly Bean).

    So, tell me – Do you agree with my logic?

    ( )

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