Microsoft Updates Azure Mobile Services to Support Android

Microsoft is getting cozy with Google by releasing support for Android apps into its Windows Azure Mobile Services. This move allows developers to add authentication and push notifications to Microsoft’s cloud service. Previous to this release, Azure Mobile Services supported Windows Phone 8, iOS and Windows 8. According to a blog post by Microsoft Product Manager Miranda Luna,

“We’re committed to making it easy for developers to build and deploy cloud-connected applications for every major mobile platform using their favorite languages, tools, and services, and we will continue to make product improvements and pursue partnerships that allow us to keep that promise.”

The release comes after some requests from Azure developers, who caught Microsoft’s attention on their uservoice page by asking for support for Android. The request has gathered 55 votes so far, making it a popular request. Microsoft has answered by releasing their Android SDK for Windows Azure package on Github, which is open source. Developers running Android can now use the platform with no worries.

Also included in the update is support for Windows Azure Mobile Services to the East Asia region of its cloud, giving Microsoft a total of four supported data-center hubs. Microsoft’s existing hubs are located in the East and West U.S., and North Europe.

[Via:The Register]



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