Twitter Brings Better Search to iOS and Android App Update

Twitter has updated its iOS and Android app today, cutting some previous features while providing some improvements. Among the improvements are pertain to search results, which will be based on real time information and provide more user suggestions. The features that were nixed in this update have to do with video sharing support. Support for Mobypicture, Vodpod, and Posterous have been removed, leaving Twitpic the only video sharing service to remain on the mobile app.

“We recently introduced the ability to see older Tweets in search results. Now when you search for important Twitter moments, you may see a Top Tweet separate from the rest of the results. This Tweet is the best match for your query based on relevance and engagement. To see additional Tweets from this time period, tap on “View more from this time.” Try searching for “four more years” or “deep challenge” on your phone to see an example.“- Twitter Blog

Other changes include pop up suggestions when composing a tweet and utilizing a hashtag or username,appearing on the iOS version only. As far as search improvements go, Top Tweets old and new will be noticed more when searching for a specific topic, hashtag or mention. There is also a new conversational feature when viewing tweets which shows replies as a conversation list.

Aside from the features mentioned above, the update also provides numerous bugfixes and performance enhancements. Both the iOS and Android versions of the updated Twitter app are available now, so get to updating!

[Via: Slash Gear, Twitter Blog]

  • There was an update to the Windows Phone app today as well, but I’m not sure if it added any of this stuff.

  • Wow great news. I am happy to see the new updates of company. Steve

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