Samsung working on a $100 LTE phone for India?

Samsung working on a $100 LTE phone for India?

Samsung is teaming up with one of India’s largest conglomerates, Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), over a $100 LTE-enabled phone that will be launched in the world’s second most populous country. The move comes on the heels of RIL’s plans to launch a 4G network in India when it will need few phones to offer to its customers.

According to Times of India, the carrier will start offering 4G services by the end of this year, charging some minuscule amounts for access to bring as many people as possible to the new network.

It’s likely that Samsung won’t be the only handset maker to offer low-cost LTE phones with other players joining the party as well. In that sense, we’ll let you know if we hear that some other major company offers such an affordable LTE-enabled device…

[Via: SammyHub]

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