Educators Embrace Dell Latitude 10.1 Tablet for Classroom Education

Dell’s Latitude 10.1 tablet is gaining popularity with educational usage around the U.S., with four public schools deploying Dell’s 10 inch tablet in lieu of Apple’s iPad for tablet based education. The Latitude is one of the many Windows 8 tablets out there, and this adoption could help users warm up to the fledgling OS.

According to Dell, the four school districts who have embraced the Latitude 10 are Fargo Public Schools in North Dakota, Southern Illinois University, Spartanburg School District 3 in South Carolina and Westwood Independent Schools in Texas. Fargo Public Schools disclosed in a press release that they chose Dell because students could “produce information as easily as they can consume it”, and Southern Illinois University chose the Latitude to help reduce textbook costs.

Many school districts across the U.S. have embraced tablets in their classrooms, with 53% deploying tablets. One of the biggest challenges for the school districts using tablets is integrating the hardware with the school’s existing IT infrastructure, which is reportedly easier with the Latitude than Apple’s iPad. In fact, a research report from Principled Technologies found that Dell’s Latitude 10.1 essentials tablet requires 52% less time to manage, and is 99% faster when dealing with updates than Apple’s iPad. Password management , configuring device access and developing user policies are also easier with Dell’s Windows 8 tablet.

This is good news for Dell, who is hoping to go publicly owned again. A dominant player in the PC market, the adoption of Dell’s Windows 8 tablet could help the company garner increased profits from the tablet market, and stay afloat in the PC market.

[Via: TabTimes]

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