Google’s Eric Schmidt confirms Android and Chrome will stay separate

Google's executive chairman Eric Schmidt to visit North Korea

After Google replaced Android chief Andy Rubin with Sundar Pichai of the Chrome group, analysts and pundits alike speculated that Android and Chrome could merge in the future. Google’s Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt put the brakes on this rumor by confirming that Android and Chrome will remain separate. Though they will not merge, the two products could overlap in some of their features said Schmidt.

Google isn’t the only company looking at ways to tie in their mobile product with their desktop operating system. Over the past few years, iOS and OS X have started sharing services like Notes, Reminders and music using iCloud. Google could build something similar using Chrome, Android and Google’s cloud services like Drive and the newly announced Keep. It’ll be interesting to see what Google builds into Android in the next few years under the leadership of¬†Pichai. I’m excited by what’s ahead, how about you?

[Via Reuters]

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