HTC retires its ‘Quietly Brilliant’ slogan, opts for more aggressive marketing

HTC is sick and tired of being humble. The Taiwan based handset maker has decided to get rid of its famed “Quietly Brilliant” slogan, as it refocuses itself in a newer, more aggressive marketing direction. The company is expected to come up with a tagline that’s a bit more brazen.

This shouldn’t come to anyone’s surprise, as HTC has been desperately searching for any answers in getting things turned around. The company’s financial outlook hasn’t looked all that promising in the last couple of years, with its top competitor Samsung continuing its dominance in sales and customer mindshare. The fact that HTC’s flagship device, the One, will probably not be offered through Verizon is hugely problematic in its attempt to make a comeback.

That being said, HTC has ratcheted up the trash talk as of late. This is because of the company’s new chief marketing officer, Ben Ho, who said to WSJ that the company “hasn’t been loud enough” in presenting its innovations. We’d have to agree with Mr. Ho. Sometimes being humble can be the root of company’s demise, especially if they don’t let people know every now and then why they’re so great. Tasteful bragging goes a long way in this industry.

[via engadget]


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