Best Buy To Host Samsung “Mini-Stores”

Best Buy may soon be hosting mini Samsung stores, according to a report from High traffic Best Buy locations around the country are soon to be removing two aisles in their mobile departments to make way the mini stores, just in time for the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4.

The “mini-stores” will be similar to those of Apple, which have popped up in the PC area of Best Buy stores around the country. The Samsung mini-stores will feature Samsung signage and demo stations, which will feature current Samsung products, smartphones and tablets alike. Employees in the mini-stores will also receive specialized training on Samsung devices and features, ensuring that employees can provide a good demo experience for customers.

With its mini-stores, Samsung is hoping to get into the consumer mind even more, by becoming more than an Android device maker, but more on par with the “lifestyle marketing” that Apple is so proficient at. If anything is clear after Samsung’s event for the unveiling of the Galaxy S4, Samsung is actively trying to separate itself from the sea of other Android handset manufacturers. By focusing on customized software for the Galaxy S4, Samsung is no longer making device specs a huge deal, but rather, the user experience.

The mini-stores will start with a few aisles in select Best Buy locations, and a reported redesign slated for later in the year will bring the Samsung mini-stores into every Best Buy location. This move could spell doom for other handset manufacturers, such as HTC who is already facing setbacks with its HTC One smartphone, but will more than likely bode well for both Samsung and Best Buy.


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