Android And iPhone Owners Can Experience BlackBerry 10 With Live Demo

BlackBerry 10 will have 100,000 apps by the end of this month

If you’re an Android or iPhone user who is interested in checking out BlackBerry’s new BlackBerry 10 OS, a new live web demo is now available that turns your smartphone into a temporary BB10 device. By pointing your mobile browser to, users can take a tour of the new OS, checking out the BlackBerry Hub, the BlackBerry Keyboard, BBM with Screen Share, and Time Shift Mode.

The demo is nothing that intensive, but does give users a feel of what living with the BlackBerry 10 OS is like. The BlackBerry 10 OS has been released to nominal fanfare, and is still catching criticisms as it struggles to come into its own in a market saturated by Android and iOS devices.

So if you are considering dumping your Android or iPhone handset for BlackBerry 10, check out this demo for a taste of what you may be getting into.

[Via: Venture Beat]

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