Nokia Lumia 920 handset spotted in Wendy’s commercial

Nokia has a strong brand name that’s been reinforced by strategic product placement in movies and TV. Recently, the Lumia 900 appeared in the season finale of  Touch and now WMPoweruser has spotted another Lumia in a commercial for Wendy’s.

In the Wendy’s commercial, three friends are sitting at lunch eating  food outside. You can see the Lumia 920 when the guy at the table tweets a picture of his friend’s sandwich. The phone also appears at the end when one of the ladies is walking away from her meal  In both parts of the commercial, the blocky shape of the handset  is undeniable, but Nokia needs some work on its branding. Unlike the Apple logo, which can be spotted a mile away, Nokia’s logo can’t be seen clearly in the short clip. You can watch the commercial and check out the Lumia phone below.

[Via WMPoweruser]

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