Infographic Reveals How Google Glass Functions

An awesome infographic comes to us today thanks to Martin Missfeldt, which shows us what’s under the hood (err, plastic casing) of Google’s mysterious Google Glass. The infographic reveals a revolutionary design, which utilizes a mini-projector to display images on the prism display.

The device achieves its augmented reality layer by projecting data and images directly into a semi-transparent prism, which displays information with sharpness and clarity due to its proximity to the retina. Focus can be tweaked by moving the unit closer or further away from the eye.

Optimizing Google Glass for those who wear traditional glasses or contact lenses will be a challenge, but will no doubt be rectified over time. For those who rely on glasses, Google Glass must be worn outside of the users spectacles, causing quite a fashion faux-pas.

Whatever your opinion is on Google Glass, there is no doubt that it is quite a piece of hardware. Check out the infographic below for a close look at how the game changing glasses operate.

[Via: Martin Missfeldt]

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