Verizon now requires you to wait a full two years before upgrading your phone

Previously, when you bought a phone on Verizon Wireless and signed a two-year contract, you were able to upgrade your phone after 20 months. This was perfect for gadget enthusiasts who enjoyed getting the latest and greatest phone right when it came out because product launches rarely align with the end of a contract. Well, kiss those days goodbye.

Effective immediately on Verizon Wireless, you’ll only be able to upgrade to a new phone when your two-year contract has expired. That means you’ll have to wait the full two years (or 24 months) before getting your hands on a new device. It gives Verizon even stricter control over people stuck within mobile contracts.

It’s interesting because T-Mobile seems to be taking the exact opposite approach with its new plans that ditch contracts entirely. Verizon Wireless CEO Lowell McAdams even commented that he is open to getting rid of contracts if enough customers express interest. Keeping that in mind, I’d like to ask all Verizon Wireless customers to raise your hands if you express interest in having to wait an additional four months in a contract before being able to upgrade your phone.

Oh. None of you raised your hands? That’s what I thought.

If you’re on a family plan, however, you’ll still be able to share upgrades if someone else has an upgrade available and you don’t. That’s not changing with this new policy. Folks on individual plans are out of luck though.

[via Engadget]

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