Facebook updates iOS app with chat heads, more

Facebook updated its iOS app to version 6 and included several new features that’ll bring some of Facebook Home to iOS owners. The most notable addition is the inclusion of chat heads in oth the iPhone and iPad version of the app.

This implementation of chat heads is not as robust as the version on Android, which is present throughout the mobile OS. In iOS, chat heads is limited to the Facebook app and lets you chat from anywhere within the app. Similar to the Android version, the updated Facebook app pops up a small bubble with a picture of the friend who is sending you a message.

The iPhone version also includes stickers, letting you add some flair to your messages, and there’s a new and improved news feed that’ll show music, photos and games. Besides chat heads, the iPad version has an improved UI that takes advantage of the iPad’s larger screen. It does not have the stickers and improved news feed of the iPhone version.

Version 6 of the Facebook app is available for free in the iOS App Store. Check it out and lets us know what you think.

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