Here’s how and where smartphone incidents occur [infographic]

Here's how and where smartphone incidents occur

Gadget insurance company Protect Your Bubble came up with a cool infographic to illustrate how and where smartphone incidents occur, as well as to identify who the responsible person are. Here are the highlights:

  • 18-24 year olds are 16% more likely to damage their smartphone.
  • Women are 42% more likely to have their phone stolen than men, while men are 70% more likely to lose their phone (than women).
  • Men are more prone to damage smartphones in the garage, while women drop them in toilets more.
  • Most common place to damage a smartphone in the house in order: driveway/garage, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and living room.
  • Generation Y consumers are a top target for smartphone thieves, while 35-44 year olds are most likely to lose their phone.

And here’s the infographic with these and some additional details.

Here's how and where smartphone incidents occur

  • tsahil

    Best place I’ve seen is at the zoo.

    A vulgar family stood near my own family. I hated the way the behaved.

    And then the husband asks the wife to pass him the phone. She does. He doesn’t “catch” it and it falls – right into the water ditch of the lemurs. There goes an iPhone 🙂

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