Apple stores your Siri data for up to two years

Apple iPhone 4S Siri demo video

Anyone who is a tad bit educated in technology knows that just about every service we use stores our data. How long, is a question we don’t know. Wired was able to get Apple spokesperson Tracy Muller to bring some clarity to how long the company held data through Siri, saying Apple “may keep anonymized Siri data for up to two years.”

According to Muller, the data is immediately deleted if a user turns off the voice-assistant at anytime. Apple takes more security measures by not using your Apple ID or email address in its data storage, instead the company gives a randomly generated number that represents the user and becomes associated with the voice files. These voice files are then separated from voice clips after six months — to only sit in dormant for another 18 months. This time is used for any back-end improvements the company needs to look at.

It’s interesting the procedure Apple uses in storing folks data. People who are security conscious maybe a bit uneasy with the company holding any information for such a long time. Holding someones information for an extra 18 months could make people worrisome, as it could bring up concerns of advertisers eliciting them. However, this may not be Apple’s intention.

[Wired; via Engadget]



  • Roaduardo

    Well, I’m not sure how I feel about data farming anymore. In today’s world it just seems like an impossible force to avoid unless you plan on living outside of mobile tech. Technology makes our lives easier but of course from looking at stories like this it can come at the cost of some of your privacy.

    Are those our only two options? Being able to enjoy superior mobile technology or privacy? Finding the balance between those two is getting harder every year. The pace of the technology in our mobile devices is a quick one and the security of our privacy is harder to maintain because of that.

    Seems to me the only thing we can rely on is other technology to help keep us as anonymous as possible while we use our phones and tablets. Regardless of criminal use of maintaining anonymity, innocent citizens should still have the option of staying in the dark.

  • Anything you type say or gesture should be expected to be used by Apple or Google. Like they really are going to anonymize or delete anything? Please

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