The fall of Apple [infographic]

The fall of Apple

While Apple is still the most valuable company in the world, its place as a leader in innovation may be shifting. The lack of Steve Jobs could be one of the reasons they may face challenges, but there’s also a rising competition from the likes of Samsung and Google. prepared a neat infographic to illustrate the potential fall of Apple.

You’ll see how the company’s growth is slowing down with Android steadily getting a larger share of the pie. Of course, there’s still room for the change and Apple’s next big thing could yet again turn the tide in their direction. We’re not sure whether that will be a smart watch, a dedicated mobile gaming device or an Apple TV everyone (not just fan boys) will want. We’ve no reason to believe the Cupertino boys can’t do it again… In the meantime, here’s that infographic.

The fall of Apple

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Apple could easily get back to the game with a great smart watch…

    • zodbuster

      ask your teenager if they would wear a watch….

  • Roaduardo

    A dedicated gaming system from them sounds really interesting.

  • zodbuster

    Apple’s next big thing is the retirement of Timmy

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