Opportunity for Android developers – Make a BlackBerry Hub-like app (or launcher)

BlackBerry Hub

Here’s a simple though not-that-easy to accomplish idea – make a BlackBerry Hub-like app for Android. If you had a chance to try out the new BlackBerry Z10, you’ve probably noticed how sexy the Hub is. For those who haven’t got a chance to play with the Z10, the Hub is a place where all your messages come in — including emails, text messages, chats, notifications and more. In addition, third-party apps like WhatsApp and Skype will also be able to integrate with the Hub, making for a that much better solution.

There are many tweaks I would like to see, like better GMail support, but overall I like the BlackBerry Hub. That said, I would love even more to see something similar made for Android devices. Sure enough, there are push notifications, but they don’t give you the same versatility as the Hub does. Plus, in most cases notifications will require you to open an app to accomplish some task — for instance, you can’t Delete an email from notifications, and you’ll rather have to fire-up the GMail app to do that.

Now that I’m thinking, a dedicated app may not be the perfect solution. We may need a whole new launcher that works like the BlackBerry Hub, making all your messages easily accessible from pretty much everywhere. That’s how BlackBerry did it, and that rocks.

What is essential is the proper GMail support, as well as the ability to sing along with third-party services like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Skype and so on. Please don’t make me use “Flag” instead of “Star,” and I really need that “Archive” button. Just an idea I had… Any takers?

  • kunal k

    Yea Dusan
    Wish something like that happens real soon.. We need an overhauled up app like that!

    • SloppyMagic

      Well in that case, your best bet is to dump that security hole called Android and get yourself a bb10 device. You won’t be sorry.

      People should ask themselves, when was the last time you heard a foreign government complaining to Apple or Google about not being able to snoop on their traffic? Never, because they can quite easily.

      Not so with Blackberries. There is a reason for that.

      • Well, foreign governments have different needs than regular users. For instance, I *must* have HootSuite which is integrated with the browser and other apps through the Share menu. That’s not available outside of iOS and Android. I presume it could be side-loaded to Z10 but will that make it available through the Share menu? I don’t think so.

        Moreover where’s the “real” Evernote app. Remember doesn’t work for me.

        Otherwise, I agree that the Z10 is an awesome device. BlackBerry is onto something…

        • SloppyMagic

          well, ALL regular users need data security, quite frankly whether they realize it or not. With a BB it comes free of charge whether you want it or not, and trust me, you want it.

          • Well I like the spec wars and I don’t think BlackBerry can keep up… Android is too big and so many companies use Android and they compete with each other which drives innovation. I like bb software but on hardware they never keep up.

          • captflint

            why do you need a higher spec to run an efficient os…once you try the z10, you’ll see it doesn’t matter

          • Luis

            Frankly we’re going out of the scope here. This topic was initially based on a very good idea, which was to bring a top ranked blackberry feature such as the hub to the Android platform, and we’re getting this kinda messy by diverting ourselves to blackberry vs android wars, which is quite pointless. I, as an android and blackberry user, would pretty much appreciate the idea of having a blackberry hub feature available on android, and i do understand the coding nightmare and hassle it will bring to any android developer, being good or average. Regardless, I certainly hope someone picks this idea up and builds something like the hub for android users, which will definitely appreciate that. I know I will, and the idea of putting that up as a launcher is quite good and overall doable. Kudos for the person who manages to pull this one off.

        • Eli

          bb has social apps, much better than hoorsuite

  • Hard for a 6 year old monolithic OS to keep up with a modern microkernal like BB10. Android and iOS struggles with true multitasking as they are now bloated OS’s, attemping to multitask requires a rocket sized engine of a cpu and with still be frequently crashing. BB10 handles 8 apps at the same time and its OS has 1/20 the amount of code of Android and iOs, making it more reliable for multitasking.

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Yeah, give us universal messaging.

  • Seq

    I was searching the app store for this quite frequently and finally gave up. I have a S3 and a BB Z10 and have to confess that the Blackberry is my favourite at the moment. The hub is a true value add.

  • SloppyMagic

    I don’t see it happening. Hub is built into the BBOS10. its not an “app”, its part of the core operating system with system level hooks for all native applications to use to incorporate into the OS.

    Trying to do anything like that in Android would be a coding nightmare and likely never work as well.

    • That’s why I thought it should be launcher, rather than just an app. Something like Facebook Home…

    • it’s part of the “core” yet android and ios have system wide notifications for any app even if it isn’t running, api’s that bb10 developers do not yet have. this could easily be built for android, and actually function better than it does on the z10.

      • SloppyMagic

        >>api’s that bb10 developers do not yet have

        because they don’t need them. They can hook into the Hub and its all there for them. checkout any number of native BB10 apps and you can see how the hub fuctionality can be intergrated into your app, or perhaps to put it a better way, your app can be intergrated into the Hub..

  • cubist rebel

    So, Android “needs” a Blackberry feature ? The times they are-a-changin’….

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