ITC shoots down Google’s infringement suit against the iPhone

The battle between Apple and Google seems to be coming to a bit of a slowdown, thanks to the ruling of an ITC judge. The United States International Trade Commission ruled that Apple’s iPhone does not infringe on technology Google gained when it acquired Motorola Mobility in 2011. This whole thing started over the search giant trying to get an import ban on all iPhone 4’s for using Motorola’s technology.

However judges seen it another way, by deciding to rule that the proximity sensor patent Motorola was asserting is invalid. After the court’s decision was laid out, a Google spokesperson said that the company was “disappointed with this outcome and are evaluating our options.”

So this means back to the drawing board for Google. The company’s acquisition of Motorola is puzzling because it hasn’t brought any real results to these legal squabbles with Apple. Google still seems vulnerable to patent trolling, and buying Motorola was supposed to be this maximum chip for defending itself. None of Google’s infringement cases against Apple seem effective. The only effect these patent cases have had is the wasting of time and resources.

Everyone should just kiss and makeup, and just license with one another already.

[via Reuters]

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