New Concept Video Shows iOS 7 In Action

A new concept video of iOS 7 in action comes to us today from Rafael Justino, who has put together a beautiful video of things that could make their way to Apple’s next version of iOS. While nothing is officially known about Apple’s next refresh to its mobile OS, Justino has based his animation off of rumors, patent filings and features that iPhone users would love to see in iOS.

Some of the changes showcased in the video are a slicker looking compass and microphone, a clock that switches screens with a swipe to show different clocks and alarms, and multiple timers. The contact screen looks cleaner, showing faces of contacts in their descriptions, and a quick way to send emails, texts and the like with a small pop-up bar which hovers over the selected contact. Users will be able to access certain apps from the lockscreen, which we have heard about before through an Apple patent filing. The implementation in the video is a bit different from the filing, but plays on the idea nonetheless.

And of course the feature that all iOS users clamoring for, widgets. The video shows widgets on the homescreen, as well as easy widget access through the pull down notification bar.

Only time will tell which features actually make it to Apple’s next version of iOS, which could be arriving on Apple’s next iteration of its iPhone, which we’ve heard should come sometime in the fall. What do you think of the features in the video? What would you like to see in iOS 7?

Check out the video below.

[Via: iDownloadBlog]

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