Whatever happened to ClamBook?

Whatever happened to ClamBook?

Remember the ClamBook? The handy device was unveiled in June of last year promising to connect to the iPhone or Android smartphone to provide users with full-blown laptop functionality. Almost a year after getting all the press attention in the world, the product is still not available with the official website still asking users for their emails to be notified when ClamBook starts shipping.

I instantly fell in love with the ClamBook as it promised to make mobile computing, well, even more mobile. Modern smartphones have a ton of horse-power under the hood and for a vast majority of tasks, we don’t even need a PC. In that sense, a device like ClamBook, would satisfy modern mobile warriors among us.

I did mind that cable that was used for connecting a smartphone to the laptop shell, as I thought that the better way would be to somehow fix it to the ClamBook, either behind the screen or below keyboard. Still, that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t buy the ClamBook the second it’s out. Guess I’ll have to wait a little longer… How about you – would you be interested in grabbing a ClamBook-like device?

  • PeterSteinbeck

    ClamBook was definitely a promising device. I wanted one as well.

  • angelo

    apple gave money to clamshell as calmbook would have promoted android

  • Jeff Hedfors

    I really hope this becomes a (affordable) reality, but the “COMING HOLIDAY 2012” is a bit discouraging…. Having to upgrade just one device would be terrific.

  • Ken Koch

    I emailed ClamCase a couple of days ago about the Clambook. Here is the reply I received from ClamCase Customer Care: “Although the ClamBook has been delayed it is still in the works. Please sign up for the auto-notify and you will be updated when there is any new information. Have a nice day!”

  • Darren

    I got the same response about a month or so ago. It’s almost as if people don’t realize that a phone like the Nexus 4 or HTC One paired with the unreleased “Ubuntu for Android” (not ubuntu for phones, but rather the OS that launches when docked) and a clambook IS the future of computing. Forget having a laptop, tablet and smartphone when our phones can clearly do it all. The Atrix almost had it falling just shy with a docked OS that was too restricted, and lacking the technology we have now (quad core, 2GB RAM).

  • Evo

    I’m waiting for this device…and technology…….there is also another device that promise the same function as the Clambook…it’s the KT Spider Laptop but since 2 years ago when this device was presented at IFA Berlin, there aren’t any news…

  • B√§tschman

    I think this is a great idea. I’m looking for a new laptop and a new phone right now and the clambook would be great.
    But it should be possible to print, burn DVD and use an external harddisk or USB flash drive for data if you will use the clambook for business.

  • EgyptMex

    As a Samsung Galaxy SIII enthusiast, I’d surmise it’s being held back due to fear of a lawsuit from Apple because it can be argued that it looks like a MacBook Air.

  • Patrick

    It’s a cool device. I’m disappointed they came out of the gate so strong, then went quiet. Not an encouraging sign long-term

  • Evan Dimas

    Was thinking the delay may have 5 do with Motorola lapdock patents. Don’t know though.

  • I already own a device that does this.. It’s a Lapdock 100 but too bad Motorola dropped support for it. Its getting old so I need something like this to replace it.

  • fschambe

    So much for this product, huh?

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