Apple’s iOS 7 Design May Unsettle Some Users, Delight Others

According to a report from 9 to 5 Mac, Apple’s next version of iOS, iOS 7, will have a completely redesigned user interface, which could be unsettling for some users yet a breath of fresh air for others. The new interface is said to be “very flat,” and that the redesign loses the elements of shine, glass and skeumorphism that Apple users are so accustomed to. The design is said to resemble Microsoft’s Windows Phone “Metro” UI, which if true would be a funny turn of events.

iOS 7, codenamed “Innsbruck” brings a new icon set for Apple’s native apps, as well as toolbars, tab bars and other improvements. While iOS 7 will look quite different from its predecessors, sources are claiming that iOS 7 will still be easy and intuitive to use. Apple is reportedly discussing  ways to include “glance-able” notifications, which could be accessed via swipes from the sides of the device, or with a notification center app built into iOS 7.

How these changes are implemented and what they will look like remains to be seen, but with Apple’s WWDC conference coming up, we should see the new iOS 7 in action very soon.

[Via: 9to5Mac]


  • meh.

    Of course they start making a flat ui, so behind times man.

  • Corey Deane

    What I think is funny is how Apple fans said ” the galaxy s4 looks identical to the galaxy s3. what’s wrong Samsung? not inventive enough to come up with something new. Lol the iphone 5 is identical to the original iphone just added LTE and made the screen taller. not taller and wider. just taller. Lol WTFE

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