Tweet suggests Google Glass will have a Twitter client

Twitter is likely  testing a client for Google Glass that’ll let you send a tweet using only the device and a few key facial movements. A hint that the app is under development sneaked onto Twitter recently when user @MogroothMuddler tweeted a photo using the “Twitter for Glass” client and the hashtag #throughglass, which has been used by Google for Glass-related tweets in the past.

AllThingsD believes the tweet is legitimate and points to the client name, “Twiter for Glass,” an identifier that can’t be spoofed. The person who sent the tweet, @MogroothMuddler, could be Twitter mobile engineering manager Shiv Ramamurthi, who often uses the handle “Mogrooth” on other online sites. The twitter user has now deleted his account.

Plus, seriously, doesn’t it make sense that Twitter would be working on a client for the upcoming wearable tech product?

[Via AllThingsD and Twitter]

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