Video: What Using Google Glass Looks Like

Been curious about what it’s like to use Google Glass? A new video from developer Dan McLaughlin gives us a look at what using Google’s new toy looks like. Dan used a screen sharing app to display what he sees through Glass when being used with his Android smartphone.

The interface looks simple enough, with a smooth and non-obtrusive style that is easy on the eyes and would please even the most die-hard Google Glass haters.

The five-minute video shows some features of Google Glass. Once the voice command feature is activated by simply saying “ok glass,” a simple text menu pops up with options such as take a picture, record a video, send a message to, make a call and a few others. The video then steps through wireless setup and the settings screen. A feature called “Head Wake Up” is also showcased, which activates Glass when the user tilts his or her head to a certain angle.

There are more features to be found in the video, so check it out below!

[Via: Android Guys]

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