Blockbuster On Demand now available for iPhone and iPad

Blockbuster On Demand has finally landed on the iPhone and iPad. Before hitting iOS, the video streaming service was on just about every other platform, including Android, Roku, Samsung Smart TVs, PC & Mac.

Of course, the application is free to download, and it brings some usual features such as single title rental options that can be streamed instantly or saved for later viewing on any supported device. Moreover, users will also get the long-awaited support for HD and surround sound.

Here’s what’s also included in the app:

  • Thousands of hit movies and new releases – rent and watch instantly or save to your Watchlist and view later
  • Tons of movies you love – hand-selected titles with the highest ratings from Rotten Tomatoes®
  • Stream Instantly — phone, tablet, laptop, Samsung Smart TV, Roku, and more
  • Amazing sound and video – stunning HD movies in full Surround Sound
  • Easy shopping and viewing – prime movie watching experience
  • No subscription or late fees – pay only for what you watch
Lately, Dish, the owner of Blockbuster, has put much more effort into making the dead video service relevant again to consumers. Getting Blockbuster on as much platforms as it can, gives the streaming service a better shot against its competitors: Netflix, Amazon On Demand, Hulu Plus, and Vudu. Other competitors are coming into the market, such as music streaming services like Rdio with their new video option called Vdio. Blockbuster has some major catching up to do.
Who uses Blockbuster On Demand?

[iTunes App Store; via 9to5Mac]


  • Roaduardo

    Come on bbuster stay in the game, you should have done this a long time ago.

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  • I accustomed assume writing was easy

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