AT&T Offering 32GB Samsung Galaxy S 4 on May 10th for $249.99

Are you dead set on the Samsung Galaxy S 4 but opted to wait until the 32GB version becomes available? Well, if you’re a AT&T customer, you’re in luck, as the carrier recently announced that the 32GB version will be available on May 10th for $249.99.

While the Samsung Galaxy S 4 ships with a micro SD card slot already, some may not want to deal with switching between internal and external storage. A 32 GB version should perform serviceably for these customers, and still have the option to throw a micro SD card in if they want to later on down the road. Given that the 16GB version of the Galaxy S 4 has a good chunk of its storage alloted to Samsungs own software, the 32GB version would make this less of an issue.


So, if you’re hankering for a 32GB version of the Samsung Galaxy S 4, your wait is almost over. If you have AT&T, that is.

Who is holding out for the 32GB version of the Galaxy S 4?


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