Windows Phone 8 getting new features in summer update

Microsoft: Unlike previous version, Windows Phone 8 is upgradable

Alongside the announcement of the Nokia Lumia 925 Windows Phone handset this morning, Microsoft announced a new version of Windows Phone 8 that will roll out to devices this summer. The update brings minor improvements and a few new features.

One of the new (er, perhaps “recycled” is a better term) features is the return of support for FM radio, which Windows Phone 8 users highly requested. In keeping with the theme of music, the update improves song information and metadata accuracy on your phone. It also makes it easier to perform functions like selecting, downloading, and pinning tracks within Xbox Music.

Support for CalDAV and CardDAV, syncing protocols for contacts and calendars, comes in the update as well. This in particular is really going to boost productivity of Windows Phone 8 users who use Google’s services.

Lastly, Microsoft is promising that with this update it will make Windows Phone 8’s Data Sense feature available on more carriers. Data Sense allows users to monitor their monthly data usage and even cut back on some of it.

Though this Windows Phone 8 update won’t be available until “later this summer” according to Microsoft, it’s going to ship with the new Nokia Lumia 925. Buyers should have access to the latest version of WP8 slightly ahead of everybody else.

[via PhoneScoop]

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